Where to find 35 000 000 persons to captivate?

Discover 35 000 000 of potential listeners?

Hi, there!

I’m really glad that you are visiting my site. Bienvenido, Wellcome, Добре дошъл. Even though we still don´t know each other, I believe you are a good idea carrier.

No personality, discovery, country or institution ever came to be without an idea before. When an idea emerges and spreads around, incredible things happen.

And you may need linguistic services to go there.

If you are just a little like me, we both have tasted the bitterness of stacking. I mean to seek for more, to get bigger. You are good at your job and you have a style. You have a vast knowledge and are experienced, things you can share. You know there is many people interested in what you have to say. It looks like It’s time to grow, to get spread, but we know how frustrating can be growth. I don’t mean in the business way only (yes, costs, time and processes grows too). But if you only want to grow just for growing, or want to help the others understand the most interesting idea you find, or share your revolutionary playing method, new e-learning way or even how to make love. Humans want to grow and spread – professionally, or in sales, influence or in obtaining more public. That is one of the most powerful motors of the human behavior. There are more reasons why, but only one way to grow, to spread the news shouting from the roof – communication. We ask to be listened and understood, to spread the word, to evolve, advertise. So, how to find this new horizon, new dimension, new markets, new public, new opportunities? How to reach the ocean of people there and what to say them? There is a big brand new world to explore, but they speak Spanish there.

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One out of 14 people in the world  is a native Spanish speaker 

“Flamenco” – “Growth” traduced in Spanish

We are born programmed to learn at least one language, and this shapes our culture, values and belief system and modeling our behavior throughout all of our lives. If we like somebody we could say “We speak the same language.”

Words have a real power. They are capable of doing and undoing, creating and destroying. They can be “cannon buried in flowers”, just like the music of Shopin. They have the power to bend, break and alter the course of one’s life. And now words can be disseminated as fast as is our internet connection. All human psyche manifests itself every day through the natural desire and right to express ourselves. From it, thoughts become ideas and materialize through phrases. Only we are responsible for creating our rules, regulations, terms and restrictions. Ludwig Wittgenstein once sad “The limits of my language are the limits of my world”.

    One of every fourteen persons are native Spanish speakers, which means they are 70% more confident in your message when it is accurately presented in their mother’s tong. No mention that must be expressed in the easiest way to be “fast digested” by their brains. Or at least  that is what the last scientific researchers says.  

Except we saying it right, your message CONVERTS in a problem. A huge one. It becomes worse every time you are trying to explain yourself. If you are not a bilingual speaker, of course.

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The impact of internationalising your publications can easy reach 40% more response.

Then, eventually, you can try a machine translation. Fast and zero cost. Fabulous idea! Oncle Google or Bing Daddy are good, but they still can not fully replace the human, native, specialized translation. I hope they´ll never do. And thanks for the little presents.

Would you like to see what happens when the question is a little more special, full of specialized terms, creative expressions, complex meaning or arts descriptions, e.g. in musicology, scientific or pedagogical terms? What to say of cross-cultural communication in anatomy or biology, alternative medicine, genres and slang differences, musical analysis,  psychology, education? Huge problem. Help,please! The confusion is even huger than the problem. No way to catch what their “translation” means, even when I am an 30 years practicing musician and I use the terminology and the slang every day. Or just try to translate some phrases from Tao te ching… I uploaded some funny examples for you.

Nobody likes that even the smartest machine tergiversates his words, naming it “translating”. Believe me, it’s not a fun. When I came in Spain I experienced it in my own flesh, “en mi propia carne”, how they say (before I learn Spanish at a bilingual level, some friends had a lot of fun).  By the way, you obviously need professional help. And, if possible, not to ruin yourself during the process.

Now it’s when I enter on the stage to play. I can help you. And I will. I can give you more reasons to hire me, 20 % discount in the first project. So, saving some money, I am sure you can give it it´s best use, and your language will tune perfectly in fluid Spanish, conserving its very core meaning. The new horizon, the vast Spanish speaking public or the growing business you needed is reached at un affordable cost. The quality of translation is guaranteed from my musical, pedagogic, literature and therapeutic background and endorsed os 9 years of experience and happy clients and friends.

I believe the internationalization of your content to reach the enormous amount of Spanish speakers is a smart solution in an Internet dominated world. Obtain a quality translation is the first step with immediate positive effects. The style and the good taste are still not machine attributes, only well educated, trained and creative human mind can translate the melody of expressions and the rhythm of meaning into enharmonic and beautiful Spanish version of the same text. So be smart, conserve your stile and let we amplify your new public.