Where to find 35 millions of people-new audience to enchant?

In EMT (Enharmonic Words-Music Translation) I offer bilingual quality translations into Spanish or Bulgarian of all kind of texts related to music, music’s theory, musicology, psychology, pedagogy, music education, e-learning, notation, musicians or companies’ contracts, disks, tutorials, concert programs, tours, scientific researches, publications, magazines, instructions, books and school texts. If you have web page, posts, blogs, articles, contracts, texts for publishing, e-spots, forums,  conferences, classes, books, e-books or other kind of music related project or You need to be professionally translated into Spanish (the third language spoken on Earth, more than 35 millions of speakers).
The scientific researches show that customers buy 75% more in their native languages and trust 85% more the sites in their mothers tong. So, could imagine the impact of spreading Your message in correct Spanish, saving its own core meaning, style and taste!
That is my work – transport the melody and harmony of your language in rhythmic and pulsating words, a brilliant Spanish melody. Immaculate,”spic and span”,”como los chorros de oro” communication is really essential for any type of business or publication, showing high level and style. Obtain a smart solution for real growth and enhancement of your public’s feedback. It is the first SEO advice for much more working backlinks.
Let’s together tune your voice, transmit your message in the most understandable way.